66 miles done, 143 to go

After a seafood linguine in Newbury it’s off to bed at 9:30. Alarm set for 7am with porridge on the menu for breakfast and then a 25 minute drive to Kintbury to pick up where I left off.

Will go through Hungerford, Little and Great Berwyn and Burbage before stopping for an early lunch in Woodborough at about 11.

Then off to Devizes and the amazing Caen hill locks and all along the canal until Trowbridge where the plan is to stop for a small snack at about 1:30. Then it’s on to Bradford on Avon, Bathampton and Bath, going over the incredible Dundas aqueduct on the way.

I aim to get to Bath between 3-4pm provided no punctures, bad weather or serious wasp type incidents. I will then be saying a farewell to my support team of the first 2 days of the trip.

Thank you Tony O’B, I couldn’t have done it without you.


2 thoughts on “66 miles done, 143 to go

  1. Ed Penney says:

    did the restaurant provide you the hi-vi to prevent staining by linguini on shirt or did you take a wrong turn through building site and they gave you the hi-vi ?????????? Keep it going Tony and well done Tony O’B – the back up team needs to take a bow.


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