Past half way

119 miles down, 90 to go.

After getting a head start from Kintbury as a result of day 1’s efforts I managed to make it to Woodborough at 11am for a second breks of poached eggs on toast and a scone. Very nice too.

Then I decided the next stop would be Trowbridge for a drink and a snack but halfway there my advance party reported the pub was closed and up for sale so we rearranged for Bradford on Avon.

I must have been getting distracted by the new arrangements because I promptly got lost in Devizes.  A very nice lady went out of her way though to help me back to the canal. I still can’t comprehend how I messed that up.

It was then a very very rutted and bumpy towpath ride to Bradford on Avon for about 9 miles and at the end of it I felt like I had been holding a kango hammer for over an hour.

Then headed on to Bath where I will soon be looking for another carb load blowout dinner.  Tomorrow is changeover day for the support team with Nat taking over from Tony O’B. Still no punctures. Long may it continue.



One thought on “Past half way

  1. John Hosler says:

    Well I guess some issues were expected. All sorted. Weather will be much cooler tomorrow. One hour of bumpy riding must have left derriere somewhat challenged. Keep on keeping on and good luck.


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