Bath, Bristol and on to Wales

Day 3 sees me start by cycling through beautiful Bath and along the Avon until the start of the disused railway line. It’s about 15 miles into Bristol and pretty flat with a good surface.  Also hard to get lost… apparently.
Going through Bristol city centre will be totally different though. It’s very hilly and the route is not well signposted. My trial run of Day 3 last weekend was not a success so let’s hope I’ve learned the lessons and my crib sheets will do the business.
Once I get to Aust services by the M48 Severn Bridge I should be meeting up with my new support team i.e. Nat. We will no doubt enjoy some haute cuisine for lunch and then it’s off over the bridge to Chepstow and on to Caldicot and Undy near Magor.
The Welsh side will all be new as I did not manage to fit in a practice session so I fully expect a few wrong turns along the way. Hopefully not too many and fingers crossed for another puncture free day.

One thought on “Bath, Bristol and on to Wales

  1. John Hosler says:

    Tony, have a good day. Weather should be cooler. Bristol is a very popular University town so maybe a lot of other people on bikes you can consult if you get lost. Once on the Welsh side you’ll have to comment on ‘how green are their valleys’. Nat will see you are looked after ok. Good luck!


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